The truth about HOME, a bad poem

It’s wherever you are, there you are. With 3 kids, I moved ...

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Inside the misunderstood minds of artists

I have been writing since I was in 3rd grade, so I knew when the vision of Clueberry World came to me initially, it felt different. It was much like J.K. Rowling’s flash of a vision of a boy with a scar. She knew the way the image hit her imagination, it felt different. I […]

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The Orchid Ghost

Have you ever been visited by a ghost? I have. I was reminded tonight about it when a friend sent me pictures of an orchid. Here’s the story: In my early 20’s, I lived in Santa Barbara, CA and I lived by the newspaper classifieds to find a place to live. I moved into a […]

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A Visit from Michelangelo and The Secrets My Labyrinth Revealed

Last summer, every time I talked to my friend Jen Mitchell, it sounded like she had reached enlightenment and was walking 4 feet off the ground.  When I asked her what she was doing, she gave me Kathleen McGowan’s The Source of Miracles. This is the story: I was sitting on the front porch of my house […]

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What Tulips Teach Humans: a half tulip half human poem

When I planted a tulip bulb this fall, I did it without expectations. I bought bulbs for an activity to do with my kids. I never trusted the earth to produce a tulip out of a bulb I planted. In a sense, I wasn’t trusting the earth to do her job. (But more, I wasn’t […]

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How to Know a Real Teacher

A fellow colleague sent me this article and boy does it hit the nail on the head! I’ve been seeing for a while now how turned off I am by the direction some of the women who I previously saw as leaders in the field are going. Once Sera Beak posted a beautiful facebook post […]

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When Violence Hits Home, How to Talk to Kids

I grew up in Hopkinton, MA, the start of the Boston Marathon until 7th grade. My father owned and still owns a business in downtown Hopkinton and it was a tradition growing up each year on Marathon Monday my family would make our way through the closed off side streets and sit on the lawn […]

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The Woman Who Taught Me Unconditional Love

When I created Clueberry World, my creative process was radically different than any other I’d ever utilized. I didn’t struggle, worry or even try. I didn’t slave away. I didn’t force anything. In fact, I did nothing. I thought nothing. I meditated. I listened to guided meditations led by Dr. Beckwith in which he guides […]

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Cutting the Chord with Someone part 2: When the Universe Tests Your Chord Cutting By Sending a Moth

This morning I posted about how I made a decision to cut the chord with someone who was draining me. The thing about being a light worker (someone who is a teacher of transformational principles) is that we attract moths disguised as butterflies. Moths are so funny the way they will zap and zap and […]

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Cutting the Chord with Someone: When the Universe Hires a Fishercat

Recently, I became friendly with a man who was in great turmoil. I have tons and tons of respect for him but he was emotionally draining me, and I was probably him, as well. Last night we went out and he was in a bad mood. I had scrambled to find a sitter and was […]

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In honor of Presidents Day, Our White Collar Hitler

January 20, 2001. Bush Jr. takes office and never could his Presidency be more relevant than now. Presidencies, in my opinion, are like the quote in the beginning of the Clueberry Book, “Life can only be understood backwards, but it must be lived forwards,” by Soren Kierkegaard.  Well, so are Presidencies. Bush Jr,’s Presidency, if an American history fictional tale, would be […]

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